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Why Use Hettarer

Sticker that minimizes power consumption & reduces charging time

This battery performance “hack”, first conceived in Japan, makes use of conductive paper that collects charged particles from electric currents occurring naturally from the air as well as the device.

These particles are then amplified by the heat coming from the device battery. This results in extended battery life and reduced charging times.

By simply sticking the HETTARER sticker on the back of your phone, it improves the overall battery performance by 20-40 per cent. The HETTARER sticker can also be used on car batteries as well as other household appliances.

HETTARER is applicable for any electronic device, including Crypto-Mining rigs.



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HETTARER on Crypto-Mining Rigs

Sticker that also improve crypto-mining efficiency and power-usage

HETTARER not only improves battery performance, it also lowers the high frequency of electric devices by 90%! So it will greatly increase Crypto-mining efficiency if it is sticked on Crypto-mining rigs!

Tests have shown that the HETTARER sticker enhances crypto-mining speeds as well as results. In a 24-hour period, the sticker showed a 133 per cent increase in Monero mining, as well as a 114 per cent increase in Monero mining rewards in a 48-hour period by multicurrency mining pool MinerGate.

Monero (Monero) mining by MinerGate (general mining program)

24 hour increment data


  • 1.151366
  • 1.186412
  • 0.03504 XMR / 24 hours


  • 0.045062
  • 0.060088
  • 0.01503 XMR / 24 hours



Monero mining with MinerGate

Rewards after 48 hours

With Hettarer

  • 0.07508 XMR
  • 0.00156 XMR / h

Without Hettarer

  • 0.03506 XMR
  • 0.00073 XMR / h