Rebglo is issuing Rebglo token now!

Why Use Hettarer

Sticker that minimizes power consumption & reduces charging time

Hettarer Sticker

This battery performance “hack”, first conceived in Japan, makes use of conductive paper that collects charged particles from electric currents occurring naturally from the air as well as the device.

Hettarer on Crypto-Mining Rigs

HETTARER not only improves battery performance, it also lowers the high frequency of electric devices by 90%! So it will greatly increase Crypto-mining efficiency if it is sticked on Crypto-mining rigs!

Hettarer on Water

By pasting Hettarer on the bottle, it affects the water cluster and ionized the water. Healthier option made easy!

REBGLO Revenue Stream

Other than its brick and mortar business, REBGLO is also doing crypto-mining using its own REBGLO Mining Boost Engine. They are also looking at the possibility of using AI to improve crypto-mining efficiency in the near future.

REBGLO Mining Boost Engine

By optimizing the cache memory data, it accelerates the processing speed of the entire system including CPU and local memory. As a result, mining doesn’t depend solely on the processing speed of CPU.

Mining Optimization Level-2 (REBGLO L2)

REBGLO L2 is “REBGLO Mining Optimization Level-2 Code” which is a new generation of mining ware optimization technique.

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